James DelReal

| October 26th, 2013

James DeReal! No one gets weirder or fucks wit it harder than the wooger himself! James continues to skate more obscene spots and ultimately gets weird for the first installment of the “RVKuts!” -edited by B.Munoz

Here is his part from the rvk video as well! We will be posting more “RVKuts” every week coming up next week we have Rudy Felix and Fat Steven! Its gonna be sick people!!!!!!! #rvk


| October 17th, 2013

The RVK Video

Featuring.. Rudy Felix, Zack Goering, Fat Steven, Andrew Guns, James Delreal, Tanner Orland, Brandon Munoz, Austin Gardner and Steven Webb.. and many many more.

Filmed by: Andrew Guns and Austin Gardner

Edit by: Andrew Guns



I will be posting all the parts individually with the b side series by Brandon Munoz called, “RVKuts” so stay tuned next week :) but for now grab a few beers and enjoy the rvk video.

Fat Steven

| September 21st, 2013

Mah boy fat steven! stay tuned for his part in the rvk video coming out online very soon!

heres a tricktionary we did at the gardner’s skatepark a while back.

Nugget Tricktionary

| September 13th, 2013

One of my good friends and now one of my roomates, Xavier Walker. This dude can skate!! With a huge bag of tricks and his own unique style I think this guy is going places in the world of skateboarding. Enjoy one of my favorite tricks done by one of my favorite skaters.

also check out his other videos



Old Teaser

| September 13th, 2013

Old old old teaser but still a good one. I actually paid that homeless guy 5 bucks to play that song. This was originally going to be a mess around montage because at the time I had just started making edits for fun. I showed some friends and they all loved it and we decided to do a video from that point on..

if you want to enjoy more edits check out my youtube channel


Welcome to RVK

| September 13th, 2013

This blog will be releasing all the parts from the rvk video and the full video later on!!!!! Stay tuned for photos and videos along the way and enjoy the world of RVK!!!!